The Glitterhame Documents

While descending through the abandoned Glitterhame mines, the party uncovered three sets of documents, written at different times during the Glitterhame’s history of occupation.

Document Set 1 (Written in modern Goblin)

1. “Report #1: We have arrived without the Kech Volaar detecting our presence. We will surveil them for the time being.”

2. “Report #2: Tanii has indicated that these caves extend further in than anticipated. He says there are warning scrawled around from the times of the Daelkyr Wars. I can smell his fear. The coward.”

3. “Report #3: Glory to the Kech Sharaat! We have uncovered Dwarven ruins down below. What treasures must they hold? Tanii assures me that there are remnants of Dhakaani troops down here as well. I suspect they met the Dwarves in ages past. How the stubby ones must have bled.”

4. “Report #4: Some of my men have reported hearing whispers in the dark. They think it is the ghosts of the Dhakaani come to haunt them. The fools. They hear nothing but the air winding its way through cracks in the rock and water echoing in the distance as it drips from the ceiling.”

5. “Report #5: Perhaps they were right. I have heard the whispers, too. There is something in here with us, I am sure. It lurks in the shadows, rightly afraid of our blades. But the time will come when we stumble upon one another. Then it shall know the taste of our steel.”

6. “Report #6: Tanii has found texts from Aal’drash, the Traitor. Let us see what the man thought to gain with his treachery.”

7. “Report #7: We have found them meandering through the caverns. What are they? Tanii thought we should inform the Kech Volaar. I found him trying to sneak out of the caves one night. His skull sits comfortably on my shoulder now. We will discover the truth of these creatures ourselves. Perhaps they will be of use.”

8. “Report #8: They are the ones whispering to us. Their lips do not move, but it is them, I know it. They think we are worthy of their secrets. We are strong and powerful, unlike those before us. And we will be even greater with their knowledge.”

9. “I was forced to kill nearly a third of my troops here. They lacked the backbone of a true Kech Sharaat! Those whimpering fools. I pried their fingernails out and ripped the teeth from their mouths before tossing them down the chasm.”

10. “The things they have told us. We know now what we must do. In time, the Kech Sharaat will grow even stronger—they have shown us the way. Soon, we will no longer be simply Dar. We will be much more.”

“11. Report #24: Do you see? Do you hear? The Masters know. They know more than we ever will. It is a beautiful future ahead of us. Tanii says they are wrong. But he knows nothing. I will punish him for thinking such things of the Masters. He will know his place.”

12. “Report #2: The Dragon Below guides us. She is the past and the future and we are the present. It is time to bring others into the fold.”

13. “Report #17: The women will birth our futures. The Masters’ plan will make us stronger than ever. Our children will be more than we ever dreamed they could be.”

Document Set 2 (written in old Goblin)

1. “Aal’drash must know why we were sent here, but he keeps this information to himself. I will follow our Lhesh to the ends of this land should he command it, but there are others that think he has gone mad. They say that our foul enemies have warped his mind. But they are wrong. Aal’drash will lead us to victory.”

2. “Aal’drash speaks with creatures out of my worst nightmares. If they speak back, it is not with words as we know them. I sometimes see them staring at me—their eyes burning into my thoughts. If I stare back long enough, I hear whispers at the back of my mind. They say things I shouldn’t know—things that no mortal should know. He knows what he is doing. I have faith in my commander.”

3. “Aal’drash led us deep into the mines. There we encountered the short men. We have seen them before and there are tales of their activities in the northeast, but I did not expect them here. We were not pleased with their presence here, and it looked as though there might be bloodshed.”

4. “Aal’drash stepped forward, toward their leader, and let out a cry that echoed through the caves. It was something wholly unnatural—something I’d only ever heard from the invaders. The short men all clutched at their heads, screaming in agony. Blood poured from every orifice. Their leader collapsed, clutching at Aal’drash’s battle dress. We did not speak their language, but we didn’t have to. They were pleading for mercy. But all Aal’drash did was smile. I have seen many horrors in this war, but none so… wrong as what I witnessed today.”

5. “There were a handful that survived. I weep for them. It would have been better that they died than live in agony. One stood strong against Aal’drash. It was a woman—Torkara, she called herself. I do not speak their tongue, but our leader says that the woman is a healer. He understands her somehow. Perhaps in the same manner he understands the enemy’s words.”

6. “She is a quick learner, though her accent is horrible. Torkara has tried to warn me of something, but I do not understand what she is saying. She talks of creatures here. Something about fat bugs. Worms, maybe? And women. It has to do with the women. Soon she will be able to explain.”

7. “Aal’drash is certainly mad. What toll this war has taken on his soul. He forces the short men to breed with the short women. To what end, I do not know, nor do I care. Worse still, I have seen the creatures Torkara speaks of. Aal’drash has placed one on each female prisoner. I thought to confront him, but Rigaan did so first. We were all made to watch as Aal’drash peeled the flesh from his bones, slowly and methodically, over the course of a week. He boiled it into a stew that he fed back to Rigaan. No one dared to speak against him after that.”

8. “Torkara never did get a chance to explain. She escaped today and freed the others. I saw it and did nothing to stop her. But perhaps I should have. She knew there were too many of us to combat. They all knew. But they wanted the suffering to end, I think. They gave their bodies to the river below, taking the creatures with them.”

9. “This is not the Dhakaani way. We are all gath’atcha after what we allowed to happen here. We stilled our tongues to avoid the fate we let befall others. Where is the honor in that? May the Nine and Six and One forgive us. I don my armor one final time today. Should I die today, I die with honor, knowing that what I do now is the right thing. None shall suffer this evil again.”

10. “Our duur’kala sent a message to the orcs to the far west. I pray that the message finds them in time. We are warriors. Destruction is what we know best, but we know when that is not enough. Daashor make our blades better, make us stronger, and create such items of wonder that they have managed to fend off this menace for years. But we know it is the orcs that understand this war better than any of us. And so I hope they learn of these mines soon. Perhaps they can put an end to Aal’drash’s schemes.”

Document Set 3 (written in Dwarven)

1. “In the name of the thirteen clans, we secure this place as our own. May the might of Noldrun prosper from our discovery!”

2. “Fahdrin makes some piss-poor ale. I’ve a mind to teach him some of the finer points of brewing, but it’d be a waste of effort. If I had my supplies here, we wouldn’t have to drink that sour concoction of his. And what in Khyber is that stone-forsaken black stuff he makes? As bitter as a heavy stout, with no alcohol to make the experience pleasurable. I’ll give him one thing—it’ll wake you up like a slap to the face, that’s for sure.”

3. “Kol Korran smiles on us today, boys! We’ll be richer than those Kundarak bastards, that’s for sure. There’s a damned fine bounty of platinum down here, just waiting to be mined.”

4. “By the Host… we never thought to uncover this while here. The Dhakaani here probably never even knew what was beneath their mountain or, if they did, clearly did not know its value. Thragen brought up a Khyber shard this morning. The thing was the size of his fist! His pick opened a small tunnel down into the earth. Let’s hope there’s more down here.”

5. “We don’t need them that badly. We’ve got enough for now. Whatever else is down in those tunnels can stay down there. It’s time to seal them up—I’m not losing any more men for a few crystals, no matter how much they’re worth.”

6. “Torkara found something on one of the women. She says its some black slug-like creature. It’s latched on and doesn’t want to let go. Poor girl’s pregnant to boot. What in the name of Khyber is down here?”

7. “We burned the thing off Virana like a leech. It shriveled up and Torkara is going to examine it. It’s a disgusting little critter, but it’s taken care of.”

8. “Keeper takes these beasts! They waited until we were settled in before creeping out of their holes. And then those damned leeches, only going after the women when they’re sleeping. If this is what the Dhakaani have been dealing with, I want no part of it.”

9. “Virana gave birth today. But I swear that what she birthed was no proper dwarf. Torkara thinks that those leeches might be after the pregnant girls and that they do… something to the babies before they see this world. Some wanted the child tossed into the river. I was going to have none of that. Proper dwarf or no, it’s Virana’s child. I ain’t about to murder a baby just because it gives me the creeps.”

10. “We’ve collapsed the tunnels. Those things won’t be coming up here now. We’d have left already, but apparently there’s some Dhakaani up top now, making a fuss. They can have these mines back for all I care. I’ve got a family to get back to. I’m not dying this far from home.”

The Glitterhame Documents

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