Eberron - The Age of Worms

The Arena

Or, We Will Rock You

Zor, Eyre 19, 993 YK

While the majority of the party was exploring Khyber’s Gate, Hohenheim was meeting with his colleague, Dr. Jones. After speaking at length regarding various topics, the two parted ways. Hohenheim then decided to try to make some quick money at a casino in the Dragoneyes district known as Chance. He prepared an infusion in the bathroom to help him cheat, downed a considerable amount of martini, and played a few games of Shifting Sands. At a particularly inopportune moment, his stomach gave way and Hohenheim vomited all over the gaming table. He attempted to flee from the casino without paying his debts and was dragged into a back room where he was beaten until he met with the casino’s owner, also known as Chance. Hohenheim was beaten unconscious, stripped of all his belongings, and then sold to Daask to pay a dept that the Tyrants owed.

And so it was that Hohenheim found himself the seventh participant in the Six Stones game being held by Daask in Khyber’s Gate, fighting for his freedom from servitude. Siegfried, not having seen Hohenheim recently, was surprised to find him in the arena. The two participants fought hard and cleverly against the other participants and the ever-changing battlefield conditions. In the end, though, Siegfried was turned to stone and Hohenheim managed to come out on top. His victory set him free and allowed him entrance into the Winner’s Circle, an exclusive meeting room for former Six Stones champions, community VIPs, and Daask members. Once Siegfried was returned to flesh, the party explained the situation to Hohenheim.

Once in the Winner’s Circle, Hohenheim met the shifter explorer named Shan, who often guides individuals down into The Depths. After some haggling, they agreed on a price: 60gp up front, 5gp per day, and 5% of any findings. He asked Daask to write up a contract and told Hohenheim to meet him back at Shamukaar the following day to sign it. He did indicate that if it wasn’t signed the next day, he considered himself free to take any other contracts that may come up. The party then returned to the surface.



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