Eberron - The Age of Worms

The First Trial: The Great Hunt, Part 2

Sul, Dravago 22, 993 YK

Having escaped from Camazotz, Siegfried headed off back into the forest in search of his companions. After some time following a stream, he ran across Ekhaas who was beating a hasty retreat from a large group of pygmy tribal creatures made of thorns and other plant life. The two managed to lead the creatures into a trap and into a repeat confrontation with the werewolf that had been set ablaze by Siegfried early on in the night. After another application of flame and blade, the savage creatures were destroyed and the werewolf retreated once more. Stealthily, Siegfried and Ekhaas found their way back to the beginning circle where only the lupine druid remained. He made no effort to attack or otherwise hinder the pair. When Zaeurl returned with a few of the pack, it became apparent that the unspoken rules of the hunt were such that the hunted can’t be harmed while within the circle.

After teleporting, Ixen found himself in a darker part of the forest. The first major landmark he came across was a dead tree, away from which all branches of the nearby trees pointed. In its vicinity, he noticed the darkness encroaching on his vision, even obscuring his darkvision. Additionally, he had to fight off a sense of hopelessness and despair, but managed to do so. Shortly, he stumbled across a dead werewolf, its throat torn out. Venturing onward, he attempted to save a werewolf from the magical despair that seemed to be pervading the woods, preventing the werewolf from killing itself. Unfortunately, when they discovered Josephine further in the forest, she attacked the werewolf on sight, killing it. Together, they made their way from the darkened area and back to the circle that Ixen had arrived in, using it to teleport away once more.

Deadfeather’s granted vision was that of twelve dragonmarked individuals trekking through a jungle, their destination unknown to Gin. Some expressed concerns over their mission, unsure of whether or not what they sought was worth the danger. Ultimately, though warily, they decided to trust their patron, Merrix d’Cannith, knew what he was doing. After the vision faded, Gin found himself alone once more, Deadfeather nowhere in sight. He made his way back into the forest, a couple hours having passed since he first encountered Deadfeather, though it had seemed like barely half an hour. He began trudging along in search of another safe haven.

As he approached a circle of standing stones, he was discovered by Sora Maenya, who proceeded to tear her way through the trees to get at Gin. With a bit of luck, Gin was able to evade her long enough to reach the circle and the safety of its magic. Maenya, knowing she was not allowed to harm him for the first hour while he remained inside, lured him close to the edge and then began to telekinetically pull him out—sticking to the letter of the law. Moments before Gin would have found himself in Maenya’s grasp, the world spun and he was teleported to another standing stone circle… having swapped places with Ixen. In her frustration, Maenya transformed into a hawk and quickly departed in search of Gin without gaining much information from Ixen.

After a bit more exploration, nearly everyone found themselves back near the origin circle. Siegfried and Ekhaas inside it, Ixen and Josephine approaching from one direction, and Gin arriving from another. As Gin walked forward, Maenya swooped in as a hawk and landed in front of him, catching him seconds before he could reach sanctuary. She made it perfectly clear to him that she could kill him in an instant if she wanted to… before releasing him. The group survived their nighttime trial and learned a bit about the history of the Watching Wood. They trekked back to the outpost at the edge of the woods and retrieved their wyverns, flying back to the Great Crag. There, they slept for the better portion of the day.



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